California dreamin’

California, here we come. The Golden State has earned its spot on my list of places I must travel to next. Joining Seattle, Denver, and Georgia, California offers everything I am looking for in a place to visit. From city life in San Francisco, the natural beauty of the redwoods in northern California to beaches in … More California dreamin’

5 Airbnbs for those adventurous travelers

Although my first Airbnb experience was not the greatest, I am still interested in using the service when it comes to selecting accommodations for my travels. According to Refinery29, I have not even scratched the surface when it comes to strange airbnbs. From a glass treehouse in Italy to a seashell house in Mexico, you can expect to see … More 5 Airbnbs for those adventurous travelers

My happy place

It all started in 1999. The first year I visited what soon became my favorite family vacation destination, otherwise known as my happy place. Hutchinson Island, Florida. Shortly after hearing of the wonderful time my aunt and her family had while vacationing there, my grandparents bought a condo at the Plantation Beach Club on Hutchinson … More My happy place

Make it count

When it comes to travel and life’s adventures, how do you make it count? Back in 2012, Casey Neistat, a well-known YouTuber, was given a budget by Nike to make a film based on their new product the FuelBand featuring the slogan “Make It Count.” Neistat and his friend Max Joseph decided to use the … More Make it count