YouTube’s travel influence

An online video-sharing platform that has come a long way from its early years as a place to watch funny cat videos and document trips to the zoo.

According to HuffPost Tech, the site now has over 1 billion users visiting the video-sharing platform every month. From how-to tutorials to entertainment videos, there is a video on YouTube for just about anything. My favorite types of YouTube videos to watch are travel vlogs, or video blogs.

I have watched my favorite YouTubers participate in The Rickshaw Run across India, take a train ride across the country from Chicago to California, explore Canada, and discover the beauty of Italy.

Even though I have not experienced these places in person, watching travel vlogs on YouTube has allowed my mind to wander and given me an insight into the places I hope to see for myself one day.

Louis Cole, a British filmmaker and YouTuber, is widely known on the video-sharing platform as a travel vlogger with a channel by the name of ‘FunForLouis’. Cole turned his passion for adventure and travel into a career. Through vlogs uploaded on a daily basis, Cole shares his global travels with his 1.7 million subscribers hoping to inspire them to step out of their comfort zones and pursue their passions. At the end of every vlog, Cole signs off to his audience with a phrase he is now well known for in the YouTube community, “Peace out. Enjoy life. Live the adventure.”

Here is a compilation video of his travel adventures in 2014.


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