How solo travel can change your life

Traveling alone is an empowering experience. It has made me a more independent person. I have learned more about myself in more ways than I could through any personality test or self-help book. I have grown as a person and also as a traveler through traveling on my own.

Although solo travel comes with great fun and the freedom to do your own thing, it can also be an intimidating adventure to embark on. But through my own solo travels I have realized that the adventure is worth it and I recommend that everyone do it at least once in their life.

If you are needing a push into booking your first solo trip, I hope my insight into the world of solo travel will convince you to book that flight, take that road trip or hop on that train across the country.


By traveling alone, you are not restricted by other people’s agendas. Don’t get me wrong, I love traveling with family and friends. But I think I enjoy the freedom of creating my itinerary and being able to call it a day on my own terms just a little bit more. Solo travel makes it easier to wake up at the crack of dawn without waking your travel partner and allows you to stray away from your original plan when a new opportunity presents itself without disrupting anyone else’s plan.

Best memories

Some of my best travel memories have come from the trips that I have embarked on by myself. I vividly remember the walk across the bridge to the National Mall in Washington D.C. in the pouring rain when I visited the summer after my high school graduation. I had just got off the Metro at Arlington National Cemetery after already doing my fair share of walking for the day when it started to pour. The bridge felt like it went on for miles, which certainly did not help the fact that my little umbrella was breaking under the rain’s pressure. I started laughing at my unfortunate situation as I clutched my umbrella in one hand and snapchatted my friends with the other. I thought it was hilarious.

See the world in a different way 

When you travel by yourself, you gain an entirely new perspective on the world. I see things in a new light. I see the way other people look at each other. I notice people’s sincerity. When I travel with others, I often become consumed in my travels with that person that I lose sight of my surroundings. I see the world with greater clarity when I am by myself.

Life lessons

Through traveling solo, I have learned lessons that can be applied to almost every aspect of my life. I have learned how to carry myself when I am walking alone at night. I have become more comfortable with using public transportation in cities. I have learned ways to get through airport security without any major hassles. I have learned how to be confidently on my own through traveling solo.




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