Downtown adventures


The West Lafayette – Lafayette area has been my home for the past three years while I have been away at school, but it was not until this afternoon that I got the chance to familiarize myself with the city. And I am so glad that I did.

I drove across the river, parked my car on a side street, and set off on foot to explore an area that seemed so foreign to me. I did not have any idea where I wanted to go or quite frankly where I was going, but I knew that I would just continue to walk until I ended up somewhere that interested me. And that did not take long at all.

I wandered into book stores, antique shops, yoga studios, and cafés. I had no idea of all the places downtown Lafayette has to offer when it comes to grabbing a drink after work, working out without the typical gym component, and browsing bookshelves to find the next best read.

While I do enjoy traveling far away to seek adventure, my explorations today proved that there are just as many adventures to be had right here in my own backyard. Give your bank account a break and explore the town or city you live in. Be a tourist. Turn down streets you do not usually drive down, try a new bar for drinks, walk into shops you have never been in, and you will gain an entirely new perspective that will certainly shake up your routine.

We often times become so attached to the idea of traveling far away from our homes that we missed out on all that our towns and cities have to offer. Travel local and experience adventures that are right around the corner…literally.

Want to see more pictures from my adventure throughout downtown Lafayette? Follow me on Instagram as I will be posting a new picture everyday this week of a new place I discovered or an old personal favorite I revisited.


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