The world’s friendliest city

According to voters in Travel+Leisure World’s Best Awards, the city of Galway, Ireland was named the world’s friendliest city. Located just over two hours west of Dublin, Galway is enjoyed by many travelers because of its charming music scene that fills the streets and the breathtaking scenic views of Connemara.

With a population of 75,000, the city of Galway houses the National University of Ireland, locals, and tourists passing by on their travels throughout Ireland’s western coast. The city’s atmosphere is favored by many because of the musicians who pass through, making the brick-lined streets their stage. Galway is a notable stomping ground for accordionists, fiddlers, and guitar and banjo players.


Travel+Leisure readers dubbed Galway as the world’s friendliest city because of the locals’ hospitality and welcoming nature toward visitors.

As someone who hails from ‘The Friendly City’ of Indiana, the small town feel definitely factors into the friendliness of a city. I grew up in a place where everyone knows everyone and where the entire city comes out for local events, such as concerts in the park and parades held in the summer.

I realized in my travels throughout the years, I have valued visiting places where people are good-natured to each other. A few ‘friendly’ cities that I have visited are Kansas City, MO; Chicago, IL; and Indianapolis, IN. When it comes to picking my next destination, I want to continue traveling to friendly cities where I feel welcomed by the locals and other travelers.

What friendly city should I travel to next? Leave a suggestion below!



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