Why travel?


It is a simple question. Why do you travel?

Some people like to stay put. They do not care to leave their towns. They are perfectly content with continuing on in their daily routine and do not feel the need to leave from wherever that may be.

But then there are others who are drawn to travel. They most likely have a list in mind of all the places they wish to see and could go into great detail about any particular place. They exude a passion for travel.

I am one of those people.

But what is it about travel that makes it so enticing?

I search for any opportunity to travel because to me, it is all about the experience. The experience of wandering aimlessly through streets of foreign cities. The experience of being on my own at times and being able to take in every single detail that I come across without being rushed by anyone else.


I travel to seek clarity. Every time I come across a new place, my vision becomes clearer. My eyes open up to new ways of thinking, new ways of expressing emotion, and new ways of being present in the moment. I observe the locals and passersby. I see the ways in which they take in the surroundings. I gain a different perspective from traveling.

When I travel, I am genuinely happy. The adventure I go on when I visit a new place brings so much joy to my life. The unknown possibilities excite me. Who knows what I may come across?

During my recent afternoon trip to downtown Lafayette, I discovered a local bookstore. I was completely unaware of its existence, but once I started browsing the bookshelves I was so happy I had stumbled upon it. I left the store with two books in hand that day and a smile on my face.

Condé Nast Traveler Editors explain why they travel:

I travel to seek clarity, for the experience, and for my happiness. Why do you travel?


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