Millennials impact on travel

There have been countless articles written on the ways in which millennials are shaking things up nowadays.

They are the largest, most diverse generation. They are the most educated of any other generation to date. And they are the movers and shakers of today.

But are they also the most savvy travelers?

According to Condé Nast Traveler, millennials are traveling better than any other generation. With help from a constant connection with technology, millennials travel with a sense of ease that did not previously exist for past travelers. They welcome the world of travel apps in with open arms. (Shoutout to my ‘travel’ app folder on my phone, you are the real MVP)


Millennials also value experiences over other purchases, so they are more likely and willing to splurge extra when it comes to travel. I’m talking to you, in-flight Wi-Fi. Millennials prefer to splurge on their own terms for experiences, so they favor separate purchases over travel packages. Airlines have paid attention to this trend and have created low-cost airlines to better accommodate millennial travelers.

As a millennial traveler, I am meticulous when it comes to spending money while traveling. I would rather travel from point A to point B in the least expensive way if it meant I could splurge on an experience once I got to my destination.

I recently booked my airfare and accommodations for my spring break trip to the east cost. I followed my routine and selected the cheapest flight I could find, no matter the time or number of stops it required. But when it came to finding a place to stay, I booked my first Airbnb for the experience. I wanted to get to know the area of where I was staying from a local’s perspective and not from a tourist’s perspective at a hotel.

For me and many other millennials, it is all about the experience I have while traveling. And if that experience costs me $20-40 extra, I’m okay with that.

How do you travel? Leave a comment below!


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