My first Airbnb experience

When booking my trip to New York City, I knew it would be hard to find an affordable hotel in Manhattan on such short notice. I started browsing hotel bookings and soon realized that a hotel was out of my price range, so I had to be quick with thinking of another alternative. And that’s when I thought of Airbnb.

Airbnb is a website where you can find, list, or rent lodging in cities all over the world. I searched for a place to stay in Brooklyn knowing that it would be less expensive than staying in Manhattan and that’s when I stumbled upon this listing in Bushwick.


The listing, “Sunny Bedroom in Vibrant Brooklyn,” was located only a block from the L train into the city, accommodated two guests, and was available for a one night stay. In my book, it was a perfect pick.

As I was about to book my stay, I realized that I had yet to read the reviews. Since I was essentially staying in a stranger’s apartment, reviews of the listing and especially the host were important factors in my decision making process. Safety first! After browsing through the positive reviews of the listing and the host, I felt confident and comfortable with my decision and knew that I had picked a good place to stay.

I contacted the host immediately letting him know of my interest in the room and soon received confirmation that my booking had been accepted. The host then sent me all the information I would need for a smooth check-in including pass codes to get into the apartment and other key instructions.

When it came time to check-in, we were able to find the Airbnb with ease and had no problem with the pass codes. As we walked into the apartment, we immediately saw signs and labels everywhere. The host was very helpful and provided us with any additional information we might need to know such as the wifi password. The rooms of the apartment were all named a different color so it was easy to spot the room we had booked.

The only this was… we had no idea if there were any other guests staying there at the same time we were. All the doors remained closed. It would have been nice of the host to let us know if the other rooms were occupied during our stay. Instead my friend and I slightly panicked every time we heard the door open and close. We were aware that our host would be at work when we got there but were unsure of any other guests, so we remained in our room the entire time with the door locked. We were those people.

Besides the awkwardness of staying in a stranger’s home (who we never saw) and not knowing if there were other guests there at the same time, we had a nice stay. The room did its job in giving us a place to stay for a night and that’s about it. If we were looking to stay in the area longer, the additional information and local guide the host provided would have been a big help to us.

All in all, I had a good first Airbnb experience. I learned that next time I’m looking to book an Airbnb, I will select one that does not have additional rooms that are listed for other guests to stay in. I think if I were to book a one bedroom Airbnb, I would surely avoid the the anxiety of potentially running into another guest on my way to the bathroom. But hey, that’s just me.



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