The endless adventure of being a flight attendant


Growing up, we all had dreams of becoming astronauts, doctors, teachers, and for some event flight attendants. That’s what Zachary Leonard thought about when he was younger. He remembers looking at the flight attendants on his first flight as a kid and thinking, “that would be a cool job to have when I grow up.” He never thought he would one day be a flight attendant for a major U.S. airliner.

One day he was attending college while working at a hotel and the next day he was filling out a flight attendant application. He saw an opportunity and he took it. A couple weeks later he flew out to New York for an interview. After receiving acceptance into the program, he packed up his bags and headed to Houston, Texas for five weeks of training.

Looking back on the whirlwind that has been the last six months of his life, Zachary said “it was a chance I had to take and I couldn’t be happier now.”

Since becoming a flight attendant, Zachary has embraced his love for travel and created a blog all about his life as a flight attendant and the trips he takes across the globe.

“Having this job it was like I finally found a niche that I could write about for forever because it’s my career,” Zachary explained. “There’s always something new every single day.”

He has written blog posts about his trips overseas and what it’s like to really be a flight attendant.

When we talked about where he hopes to travel one day through his job, Zachary listed Paris and Barcelona as his “must-see” travel destinations.

“Anywhere that has a lot of history and museums, that’s where I have been interested in going lately,” said Zachary. “I want to see the sites that are different and not what most people do.”

In 10 to 15 years, Zachary hopes to be living in a smaller city, branching out with the type of content he creates on his blog, and opening a bed and breakfast with his sister.

“Not anytime soon, but I would really love to write a book too. A memoir maybe… I have started creating more inspirational posts on my blog and not just writing funny flight attendant stories. I want to inspire others.”

To read more about this flight attendant’s life, check out his blog and instagram for the latest on his travels.



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