Airport nightmare


For some, the airport can be a dreaded nightmare involving flight delays, long security lines, and lost luggage.

When I was younger, I never understood why some travelers absolutely despised the airport. They loved traveling and arriving to their destination, but if they could somehow avoid the airport all together, they would. It was not until I experienced my first “airport nightmare” that I began to truly understand why the airport is not a happy place for everyone.

My airport nightmare occurred in 2011 when I was coming home from a vacation in Florida. My aunt had just dropped my cousins, brother, and I all off at the airport when my cousin received an email that our flight had been delayed two hours. We took the extra time to grab a bite to eat and then came back to the airport to hear from the airline agents that our flight has been delayed another hour. Flash-forward to six hours of waiting in our terminal, we finally took off at 11:30 at night for Chicago.

You might think a flight delay this long must have been tortuous (which it was) but it also had a silver lining to it… a $300 voucher to go toward future airline tickets. Now I don’t know about you but I don’t mind waiting all day in an airport terminal if it means I can then get FREE airfare for a future trip. I am all for saving a buck or two, or a couple hundred.

But when it comes to lost luggage… now that is an absolute nightmare.

My classmate Ryan experienced the stress and annoyance of an airline losing your luggage this past Christmas when he flew to South Carolina to visit family for the holidays.

It was the first time he and his family were flying with all of their Christmas gifts (usually they ship them beforehand) and when they arrived in South Carolina, their Christmas gifts were no where to be found.

“All of our luggage showed up except for the one bag that had all of the Christmas gifts in it for our family,” explained Ryan. “Safe to say we were freaking out.”

With Christmas only two days away, they were reassured that their luggage would arrive the next morning. But in this case, the bag full of gifts remained MIA which led them to panic even more.

Come to find out their luggage, along with other passenger’s bags, was never put on the plane and continued to sit in Chicago. After several flights later of their luggage still not arriving in South Carolina, the bag with all their gifts finally arrived at the airport on Christmas morning – a true Christmas miracle.

“It all ended good because they gave us $400 worth of tickets and a free night’s stay at a hotel, but it had to be the worst travel experience I have ever had.”

What is your airport nightmare?



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