Make it count

When it comes to travel and life’s adventures, how do you make it count?

Back in 2012, Casey Neistat, a well-known YouTuber, was given a budget by Nike to make a film based on their new product the FuelBand featuring the slogan “Make It Count.”

Neistat and his friend Max Joseph decided to use the money from Nike and really make it count by traveling across the globe until the money ran out. It took them 10 days to use up all of Nike’s budget.

In those 10 days, they traveled 34,000 miles visiting 16 cities in 13 countries on three continents. They made their time spent traveling count.

How do you make your time spent traveling count?

Is it the people who are by your side who make it worthwhile? Is it the places you visit? Or is it the adventures you take that push you out of your comfort zone?


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