Oh, the places you’ll go

As I close the chapter on this semester and plan for my summer abroad, I am reminded of the wonderful experiences I have had these past few months and all the adventures that are to come.

From Washington, D.C. to New York, I have fallen even more in love with the city life. The energy of the city fuels my soul. For some people, life in the city can seem hazy because everyone’s lives seem be going at full speed with no time for breaks. But I gain a sense a clarity when I wander around the city. The high energy excited me. (Fingers crossed that my dream of living in New York comes true one day)

I have learned to embrace the small adventures such as aimlessly wandering the streets of Lafayette and taking day trips to nearby towns. Life advice: You never know what you may stumble upon if you do not take the time to explore your own backyard.

Through big trips across the country to weekend getaways, my passion for travel has continued to flourish. I am looking forward to the adventures I will embark on this summer throughout both the US and Europe. Who knows where my travels will take me…

Stay tuned!



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